Course of Norwegian fisheries in week 19

May 23, 2011 12:27

Good sandeel fishery, quota increased by 30 000 tonnes, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

This sandeel spring fishery has been very good and this week shows 22 000 tonnes caught. Since May 6th there has been a regulation in effect that have had boats waiting for 4 to 6 days ( depending on landings under or over 700 tonnes) from the time they reported their catches until they could head back out to sea.
The landing capacity in Norway has been overstretched and even though some landings have gone abroad, there has been 3-4 days waiting for the vessels at the Norwegian factories.
Friday the 13th came the official increase in quota in the Norwegian Economic area of 30 000 tonnes, raising the year's total to 90 000 tonnes. Then there are the additional 20 000 tonnes in the EU-zone.
As of Monday,, Norwegian fishermen has 41 600 and 7 900 tonnes left to fish in the respective zones. We have experienced a small decline in prices lately.

Mackerel ( Coastal)
Just under 60 tonnes of mackerel have been caught and put in holding pens this week. Price level for the season's first catches was around NOK 35 per kilo, but this week has seen a sharp reduction and we have been approaching the minimum price level of NOK 20 per kilo.

North Sea herring
Some 20 tonnes of North Sea herring has also been caught and put in holding pens this week. The average size is 140-150 grams and there has been little to none interest for buying this herring for human consumption processing.

The "matjes" season is approaching and the signals from the buyers are that they are ready for action by next weekend's end. As before, there is always big anticipation as to the quality at season's start.

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