Course of Norwegian fisheries as per 27th of September, 2010

September 30, 2010 09:46

Strong wind has hampered fisheries during periods last week. Still 36.000 MT of mackerel were reported and on Sunday alone there was reported 17.200 MT, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Such an enormous volume has not been registered for several decades, and the mackerel alone represented sales values amounting to 180 million NOK last week. The catching has primarily taken place in the EU-zone, starting east of the Shetlands, then north of "Flugga" and during the weekend, the fleet ended up west of Shetland. As previously this autumn, the sizes vary. Lowest average is 348 g and with 485 g at the highest. Also price varies, but in general the prices have been going up over the week. The peak was reached by NOK 13,- and the total week average was NOK 10,07. Total catch so far; 191.000 MT.

Atlanto Scandic herring.
Several vessels have participated in the herring fisheries and the total catch for the week was 16.900 MT. The main part has been taken some 150 n.m. northwest of Andenes. Sizes were between 285 and 332 g. Prices; from 2,64 to 3,33. In addition a few vessels have been searching for herring further west in the Norwegian Sea, near the Jan Mayen island and into the Icelandic zone. Saturday the first catch was reported from the Icelandic zone by "Talbor"; 1000 MT of good sized fish with an average of 390 g. Following the fact that 88 % of the catch was graded > 350g, the prices were favourable; 1+ øre/ g. Norwegian catches from this area have not been experienced since the 1960s. In the forthcoming week, the number of vessels participating will increase looking for the good sized herring.

Norway pout/blue whiting.
Several trawlers have shifted to mackerel and last week only small volumes have been reported; 950 MT of Norway pout and 215 MT of blue whiting for reduction purposes.

Coastal sprat.
The Sognefjord was opened for sprat on Tuesday last week and 4 units have caught 190 MT in the Fresvik/Fimreite area.

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