Costs of coldstorage in Murmansk Fish Port rising

September 24, 2008 12:53

As per mid-September the fish coldstorage costs in Murmansk Fish Port vary from RUB15 to RUB20 gross tonne per 24 hours and in fact, the price has increased by 30% in 6 months period.

Besides, there is a tendency to a further increase of the prices of storage services. According to Murmansk traders, prospects for the year 2009 indicate that the storing costs may vary from RUB 20 to RUB 24 gross tones per 24 hours depending on volumes and periods.

Cost of freight

The cost of freight from the Barents depends on type of transportation and fishing area (the farther from Murmansk the more expensive).

For example, as per mid-September the cost of freight to Murmansk (handling at sea inclusive) from the area of Bear Island will amount RUB 3200/tones VAT for the vessels of Moryana type (800-900 tonnes).

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