Consumers changing shrimp preferences

December 12, 2007 16:33

Consumers' preferences as to shellfish and mollusks have been notably changing. The growing demand has been observed for marine delicatessen of the premium segment. In view of the latest market trends Ledovo Group has enriched its shellfish range with two products, queen shrimp and white shrimp, according to Ledovo.

According to the group's President Nadezhda Kopytina, the growing trend for consumption of more expensive shellfish and mollusks has resulted from the population's improving wealth and from affordability of the shellfish products. The consumers have been expanding in a drive towards diversification of their diet. By launching Ledovo-labelled queen shrimp the group has indicated the following stage of its rebranding program which took off in the beginning of the year 2007. Premium-class warm water shellfish will be marketed under the Ledovo label, while the group's traditional coldwater shellfish will remain in the medium and medium+ sectors of under the SALMON label.

The shellfish market in Russia is characterized as one of the most dynamically developing food markets with the annual growth estimated at 30-40%. The frozen shrimp market has been growing by 15-20% per year. According to the experts, in 2007 the volume of coldwater shrimp consumption in Russia will reach 50,000 metric tons. For comparison, in 2002 Russia's domestic market was estimated at 8000 tonnes totally worth 25 million USD.

In 2006 Ledovo Group processed 5000 tonnes of shrimp. Earlier the group's shrimp range marketed under the Salmon sublabel included the following arctic shrimp products: Selected shrimps 50/70, Large shrimps 70/90, Standard shrimps 90/120 and Young shrimps.

Vannamei warm water shrimp, a traditional Asian delicatessen, is imported by Ledovo Group from the South-Eastern Asia. Ledovo-labelled queen shrimp is available in whole, shell-on, cooked-and-frozen form of 30/40 and 40/50 counts. The shellfish is quick frozen under the low temperatures of minus 25-35 degrees C. The product is glazed at Kaliningrad-based Ledovo Svetly processing plant. After thawing in warm water the product is completely ready to eat. The product is packed into 1-kilo polyethylene transparent packaging. For retail chains equipped with special refrigeration fish bins Ledovo supplies shrimps in 5-kilo boxes for sale in bulk. The approximate price of the product is from RUB200.00 per kilo.

White shrimp is also a warm water species enjoying a strong demand in many parts of the world. It is harvested in the South-Eastern Asia and in the South America. The largest part of its life the shrimp spends on the seabed at the depths of up to 70 meters. Ledovo Group imports white shrimp from Yemen in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. The produce is delivered raw in 2-kilo blocks helping preserve the product's taste better than individually glazed product. Ledovo's plant does not cook white shrimp, therefore it is specially recommended for grilling. The group sells white shrimp in a range of three counts - 40/60, 60/80 and 80/100. The product's approximate price starts from RUB400.00 per pack.

Ledovo Group

Ledovo Group was established in November 1994. The group works in three adjacent segments of frozen products: shellfish/mollusks, mushrooms and rice-based mixes. Besides, the group produces marinated delicatessen. Ledovo produces the range under own labels of Salmon, Snezhana and Bon Appetit. The group's annual turnover amounts to 25 million USD. In the coming years the company plans to further boost its turnover to 100 million USD by means of commissioning new production facilities and launch of new products.

Ledovo Group is a holding uniting six production and trade companies: JSC ZAO Salmon Corporation, JSC ZAO Kholodilnyi Terminal, JSC ZAO Ledovo PK, JSC ZAO Agrokompleks Ledovo, JSC ZAO TВ Salmon International, OOO TD Ledovo.

The group's production facilities are located in the village of Dolgoe Ledovo near Moscow and in the town of Sevtlyi near Kaliningrad. Ledovo processes shellfish and mollusks into frozen products and marinated items marketed under the TMs of Salmon, Snezhana and Bon Appetit.

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