Congalsa starts the new year 2011 launching 4 new products

March 31, 2011 09:44
The company presents 4 new products: stuffed mussels, breaded tuna, breaded mussels and frozen waffles from their battered, breaded and dough product lines, reports with reference to Congalsa. 

Congalsa, specialized in the production and elaboration of precooked deep frozen products made of fish and seafood, presents its new products for battered, breaded and dough product lines.

Congalsa has incorporated 4 new products to respond to its most demanding clients:

 Breaded Mussels, with no artificial colouring or preservatives. Due to its size, it is a perfecto dish for appetizers. Spiced lightly with black pepper and onion gives it a more intense and appetizing flavour. Baked or fried, its light breading always remains crispy.

Stuffed Mussels, with a homemade texture and flavour due to the combination of quality ingredients used in its elaboration. Easy to prepare, it can be served as an appetizer or accompanying a first plate due to its size.

Breaded Tuna, delicious Yellow fin tuna portions with a crunchy breading and easy to digest due to a Light touch of oil. An ideal product for children as it is boneless and very mild fish flavour. Easily prepared in the oven.

 Frozen Waffles, for turnover, pot pies and other salty or sweet recipes. Easy to prepare and ready to eat in minutes whether fried or baked.

Beatriz Gómez, Marketing Responsible at Congalsa says: "In our goal to extend our range of products and produce the best recipes of the market, we've chosen these breaded and battered products with the purpose of offering our clients new solutions to improve and increase their product variety".

About Congalsa

Congalsa in a company with origin in north Spain (Galicia). It was created in the early 90s specialising in the elaboration of precooked seafood-based frozen products. Nowadays it counts with 4 production plants where they produced several product lines: battered (battered shrimps, battered fish fingers, battered squid rings, battered hake fillets), breaded (fish fingers, squid strips, tuna filet, breaded mussels), dough (puff pastries, tuna turnovers, waffles) and natural products (squid rings, paellas, seafood cocktail, sardines).

Since de beginning, they've constantly maintained the policy of reinvesting their profits in equipping themselves with state-of-the-art infrastructures and machinery. They currently work under BRC and IFS standards and environmental accreditations ISO 14001 and EMAS. Quality control and research are the two main pillars of the company.

Their main mission is to be a top of mind on the food industry and offer the best relation quality-price on the market, with sustainable profitability and continuous growth, always respecting the environment. Their most important goal is the satisfaction of their clients, throughout the compromise and integrity of all the persons involved.

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