Congalsa plans to increment its turnover up to 60 million for 2011 thanks to Mercadona

April 8, 2011 16:44

Congalsa, a company specialized in the processing of precooked deep frozen products from fish and shellfish, plans to increase its turnover in approximately 35% in comparison to last year and reach a return of 60 million Euros, reports with reference to Congalsa.

Congalsa, that in 2010 invested 2.2 million Euros, has placed itself as a main/important company in the Galician food sector and it has as an objective to continue its strategy of commercialization of new products, as well as its presence in the main national and international food expositions.  In 2011, it foresees a 2.2 million Euros investment.  

In fact, after participating in the Restoration Exposition that took place in February at Madrid, Congalsa will be present in one of the world's most important expositions in the frozen fish sector, the European Seafood Exposition from May 3rd until May 5th.

At this event, Congalsa will present its new products.  In the breaded line, the breaded mussel for HORECA, with no artificial colouring or preservatives; and the breaded tuna, with a crunchy covering and a light touch of oil, both for oven and frying.  In the battered line, it introduces the battered mussel and scallops stuffed with shrimp, with homemade taste, and due to its size, appropriate for appetizers.  In the dough section, the new refrigerated wafers to prepare turnovers and other salty or sweet pastries. 

"The continuance of the agreements reached with Mercadona, as well as our investment in R+D to develop new nearby and useful products for the consumer are the key for a year in which, based upon our latest information, we believe that we will reach near the 60 million turnover.  We are talking about an increase of approximately 35%,"  explains Luis Miguel Simarro, General Director of Congalsa.   

About Congalsa

Congalsa is a company of Galician origin created at the beginning of the 1990´s and dedicated to the elaboration of precooked deep frozen products from fish and shellfish.  It has four elaboration plants in which there are several lines of products:  battered (battered shrimp, fish fingers, hake fillets battered with egg, battered squid rings); breaded (fish sticks, breaded squid strips, breaded tuna, breaded mussels); dough (puff pastry, short crust pastry, turnovers and wafers); natural line (squid rings, paellas, seafood cocktails, sardines).

Since its creation, Congalsa has maintained policies of reinvesting in constant benefits.  Due to its new structures and advanced machinery, it obtained the IFS and BRC quality certificates and the ISO 14001 y EMAS environmental certifications.  The quality control and investigation are two of its essential pillars.

It has as a mission being a reference in the food sector and to offer the best quality-price product available in the market, with sustainable profit and continuous growth while respecting the environment.  Its principal goal is its clients´ satisfaction, with the commitment and integrity of all its employees.

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