Complete Inventory Control

February 4, 2011 10:17

Icelandic whitefish processor Northurstrond has experienced steady growth in recent years and currently operates three processing facilities: two in Dalvík and one in Blönduós. In 2009, the company built an extension to their location in Dalvik and used the opportunity to redesign parts of the production process, reports with reference to Valka.

Inventory control
Producing fresh and frozen cod, haddock and catfish as well as lightly salted and salted cod at three different locations means that inventory control can be a challenge. Looking to gain complete control and overview of inventory status, incoming raw material and dispatched pallets, Norðurströnd opted for the RapidTrade software.

"We have worked very closely with Valka in developing and adjusting the system to our particular needs," explains to Norðurstönd's managing director Guðmundur S. Jónsson. "Our main requirements where a good, comprehensive inventory system and Valka has been extremely flexible and easy to work with on the implementation."

Full traceability
The software offers full traceability of each product with stored traceability codes. "One of the best parts of the system is the tractability feature," says Jónsson. "Incoming raw material receives a code according to origin and the traceability code follows the product throughout processing, into packing and directly to the consumer's plate. This makes it easy for us to fully comply with EU traceability regulation. As the system is online we also have accurate information on inventory status in real time from any location."

Direct connection to ERP system
Once an order has been prepared, invoicing data is transferred to the company's accounting system in a fully automatic billing procedure. "We have a direct connection to our ERP system that makes involving simple and easy to handle," says Jónsson. "This has resulted in better workflow and easer management that before."

RapidTrade also comes with a variety of reporting functions and can deliver reports on each order and sales transaction, as well as on raw material utilization and more.

Automatic market data transfer
Another powerful implementation for Norðurströnd is the automatic input of product purchasing data. Fish market purchase data goes automatically into the procurement part of the system. Automatic data entry saves both time and money and enables the company to maintain perfect traceability information on all of its products.

"We entered all data manually before so this latest addition saves us a lot of time and makes management easier and more efficient," says Jónsson. "I am pleased with the co-operation with Valka so far. With the RapidTrade system I have complete overview over the production flow, from incoming raw material, to inventory status, and the traceability feature really seals the deal."

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