Vladivostok Fish Port struggling with growing fish landings

January 29, 2021 00:48

As the exports to China have run into COBID-19 restrictions, the fish landings in Vladivostok have naturally increased taking the port’s cold storage facilities to the brink of the capacity, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the company, at the close of January the port’s cold store held 30 thousand tons of fish and seafood versus the full capacity of 32 KT at any one time while shipping 800 tons from the warehouse complex per day.

The port’s refrigeration and storage complex with a temperature regime of up to minus 25 degrees С is approved for shipping fish products for export to such countries as Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Nigeria, Thailand, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Thanks to the new container site, the port is also ready to accommodate about 5 thousand tons of fish products in containers for storage and further rapid shipment by sea for export and by rail and road to the interior of Russia.

The overall transshipment target for January 2021 has been set at 24.5 thousand tons.

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