Turkish yard delivers first supertrawler to Russia’s major pollock harvester

December 11, 2020 00:57

In early December Tersan Yard (Turkey) has delivered first supertrawler to its Russian customer with 10 more vessels of the series being built at the Admiralty Yards in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, reports Megafishnet.com.

Supertrawler "Vladimir Limanov" will start fishing operations at the beginning of 2021. This is the first vessel of the future renewed fleet of the Russian Fishery Company (RFC). Another 10 vessels for the RFC are being built in Russia by Admiralty Shipyards using the experience gained during the construction of the first factory trawler in Turkey.

60 thousand metric tons

According to RFC, the boat, like all vessels of the series that is being built in Russia, is designed for an annual catch of more than 60 thousand metric tons of fish to be processed onboard completely waste-free.

The new factory will allow the company to increase production of frozen at sea fillets and start production of surimi, a new item in the range. The vessel will be able to produce about 15 thousand tons of fillet, minced fish and surimi per year, apart from less valuable products.

The boat has all conditions for efficient work and leisure of the crew including comfortable cabins, a spacious dining room, a sauna, a gym and a cinema.

The new vessels provide the highest level of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness currently available. This will ensure that CO2 emissions per tonne of fish produced will be halved as compared to the performance of the vessels in service until now.

The Russian-built supertrawlers of the series are planned to be put into operation in pairs, within a space of about a year between them. Delivery of the first two vessels to the customer at the Admiralty shipyards is scheduled for 2021.

The new trawlers will replace the aging capacity of the company's current fleet. Incidentally, RFC already decommissioned BMRT "Bazhenovsk" in last September.

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