Third Annual Congalsa Regatta

July 12, 2011 12:30

Congalsa, the frozen food company specialised in pre-cooked fish and seafood-based products, will sponsor the Third Annual Congalsa Regatta, organised by the Royal Ribeira Yacht Club, the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV), the Galician Sailing Federation, the Regional Department of Sport and Recreation, The Sport Foundation of Galicia and the Portosín Yacht Club. The race will start at the Ribeira Yacht Club on 28 of August, reports with reference to Congalsa.  

There are 15 boats competing this year from both the Arousa and the Muros-Noia bays. They will begin the race at Santa Uxía and travel along the Barbanza coast to Portosín, the race's designated finish line.

As Beatriz Gómez, Congalsa's Marketing Director, says: "Our continued participation in the Congalsa Regatta shows our sport's spirit but we also hope that the race will add to our company's recognition and encourage other companies to participate in similar events; it's these types of sporting activities which show us the power of unity, strength and self-improvement."

The Congalsa Regatta is a sporting event that seeks to promote the bays of Arousa and Muros-Noia, as well as other monuments such as the Corrubedo Lighthouse, the Illas Atlánticas National Park and Porto do Son's Coast.

About Congalsa

Congalsa in a company with origin in north Spain (Galicia). It was created in the early 90s specialising in the elaboration of precooked seafood-based frozen products. Nowadays it counts with 4 production plants where they produced several product lines: battered (battered shrimps, battered fish fingers, battered squid rings, battered hake fillets), breaded (fish fingers, squid strips, tuna filet, breaded mussels), dough (puff pastries, tuna turnovers, waffles) and natural products (squid rings, paellas, seafood cocktail, sardines).

Since de beginning, they've constantly maintained the policy of reinvesting their profits in equipping themselves with state-of-the-art infrastructures and machinery. They currently work under BRC and IFS standards and environmental accreditations ISO 14001 and EMAS. Quality control and research are the two main pillars of the company.

Their main mission is to be a top of mind on the food industry and offer the best relation quality-price on the market, with sustainable profitability and continuous growth, always respecting the environment. Their most important goal is the satisfaction of their clients, throughout the compromise and integrity of all the persons involved.

Departamento de Comunicación:
Beatriz Gómez
Teléfono: 902364646

Agencia de Comunicación:
Vanesa Núñez
Teléfono: 917154337 - 650 96 60 89

Alicia Medina
Teléfono: 917154337 - 630 633 163

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