Steel cutting underway for the first crabber processor of Russian Crab Company Group

February 2, 2021 14:45

On January 29 2021, due to commitment to purchase investment quotas, the Oka Shipyard started steel cutting for the crab-processing vessel of Russian Crab’ new fleet. Vessel 5712Р will be the first in a series of three processors, which will be constructed for the Russian Crab within three years. The first crab-processing vessel is slated to put into operation in 2023, reports

According to the company, new vessels are designed for crab harvesting and crab processing into cooked-frozen products and will operate in the Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea.

Crab fishing vessel, project 5712P was developed by the Damen Engineering company (St. Petersburg) in cooperation with Russian Crab Company Group’s specialists.

The most significant advantages of the project are: two-times increased production, processing and storage capacity; the use of modern high-quality materials; and a spacious personnel unit with working and living conditions on board in accordance with the best international standards.



57,70 m 


12,60 m 


40 days 

Full speed 

12,3 knots per hour 

Main engine power 

1600 kWt 

Bow thruster power

400 kWt

Crew capacity       

32 people

Processing and production capacity per 24h 

15 tons 

Freezing hold capacity  

500 m3 


Russian Crab Company Group is the largest crab harvesting company in the Far East and one of the leading in Russia. The company’s fleet consists of 20 vessels. Its capture quota for 2021 is 12.86 thousand tons in northwestern subzones of the Pacific Ocean, it is actually the largest quota share of 19% in the Russian Far East. Russian Crab exports live and cooked-frozen crab to China, South Korea, Japan and the USA.

Courtesy of Russian Crab Company Group

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