South Korea to help revive Petropavlovsk Shipyard in Kamchatka

May 5, 2021 00:53

"Kamrybflot" LLC and the South Korean company "KEMKO" have discussed the concept of the development of the Petropavlovsk shipyard with an up-to-date design of a ship repair and ship building complex next on the agenda, reports

According to KAM24, it is planned to develop, first of all, the repair of ships up to 100 meters long as the potential ship repair market in the region is estimated at more than 3 billion rubles (ca. $40 million).

The yard is conveniently located to provide comprehensive services to the fishing fleet that operates in the Okhotsk and Bering Seas. While the cost of moving a ship from the nearby fishing grounds to South Korea is comparable to the cost of inter-voyage maintenance, the trip to Petropavlovsk is much less expensive. When a modern ship repair facility is created here, the fleet owners will immediately appreciate its geographical advantages.

Even today, the fishermen can already order the manufacture of technological equipment, repair of ship engines and mechanisms, as well as hull work at Petropavlovsk Shipyard. These services are provided by companies that rent premises and production facilities here.

Kamrybflot has also included shipbuilding in its projects. At the first stage, it is planned to create a compact shipyard for the construction of small-tonnage vessels up to 30 meters long and 8 meters wide, and then proceed to the construction of vessels up to 50 meters long and 12 meters wide.

In April, at the invitation of Kamrybflot LLC, the shipyard was visited by the President and technical director of the South Korean corporation "KEMCO" Kim Beng Gyu, as well as its representative in Russia Ge Il Bin. "KEMCO" is one of the world leaders in equipping shipyards with technological equipment. The company has experience in designing new shipbuilding plants and modernizing existing ones. KEMCO operates in a number of countries, including Russia. For example, it participates in the development of the Zvezda shipbuilding complex in the city of Bolshoy Kamen not far from Vladivostok.

KEMCO will assist in the design of future production facilities and in providing them with the necessary equipment. The reconstruction of the existing building shop with the construction of a boathouse is also being discussed.

According to Kamrybflot, the implementation of the project may take at least three years.  

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