Severnaya Verf begins construction of the eighth trawler for the NOREBO Group

February 19, 2021 15:08

Severnaya Verf begins construction of the eighth trawler for the NOREBO Group

St.Petersburg-based Northern Shipyard (Severnaya Verf) laid the eight freezing trawler-processor Captain Korotich ordered by JSC Akros (part of the NOREBO Group), report

According to the shipyard, the trawler is designed for fishing and processing operations in Russia’s Far East, namely in the Okhotsk and Bering Seas, and the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean. The vessel will target herring, Alaska pollock and other commercial species.

The vessel design has been developed by the Russian naval architects from Nautic Rus. The trawler’s dimensions are as follows: length - 81.6 meters, width-16 meters, displacement - 5500 tonnes. With the main engine of 6200kW the ship can run at speed of up to 15.5 knots. The processor trawler has got the ice class Ice2 and therefore can go through 0.5m-thick ice. The crew number will be about 70-80 people.

The trawler can be equipped with bottom and pelagic trawls. The total maximum fishing capacity of the vessel is estimated at 230 tons of fish per day, and the freezing capacity is 100 tons per day. The multifunctional onboard factory will process raw fish into finished products within the minimum time period, and the process will be practically waste-free. The product range will include dressed frozen fish, fish fillets, caviar and pollock liver, minced fish and fishmeal.

The Kapitan Korotich is the eighth vessel of Project 170701. The series 170701 of fishing trawler-processors for unlimited navigation consists of ten vessels; six of them will work in Murmansk-led Northern Fisheries, and four – in the Russian Far East. For the first time for Russian fishing vessels, a new hull architecture has been applied — the capsule-shaped form of the bow contours with the Enduro Bow type end. This has increased the working space onboard and improved the vessels’ seaworthiness.

One of the main advantages of the Project 170701 trawlers is increased energy efficiency. The project provides for use of heat from the main engine’s operation for heating rooms, including cabins. The electricity generated by the trawl winches in the recovery mode will be used for the needs of the vessels, which will save fuel. On the Far Eastern vessels of this project, fish oil from waste processing will be partially used for boiler heating.

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