Second factory trawler laid for Atlantrybflot

December 2, 2020 00:30

In late November the Vyborg shipyard based near St-Petersburg laid the keel of “Leonid Gorbenko” factory trawler, reports

The yard is part of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation and it will build the trawler-processor to KMT02.02 design.

This is the second vessel of this class being built by the yard for Atlantrybflot, a member of the FOR Group of fishing companies.  The Group with headquarters in St-Petersburg operates a fleet of 13 trawlers with an annual catch of about 170 000 metric tons. It also has divisions in Murmansk and Kaliningrad.

Main particulars of KMT02. 02 design:

* Length-80.4 m

* Beam-15.4 m

* Draft-6.51 m

• Displacement-5563 tons

• The capacity of the propulsion plant – of 4.64 MW.

Vyborg Shipyard is simultaneously building seven factory trawlers of the KMT01 and KMT02 designs in various modifications. In 2016, the yard signed contracts for the construction of eight large-capacity processor trawlers with the lead vessel of the KMT01 “Barents Sea” design delivered to the customer in September 2020.

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