Sakhalin-based fish combine to launch new fishmeal plant this summer

February 20, 2020 11:41

Sakhalin-based Yuzhno-Kurilsky Ryibokombinat Co., Ltd is going to open a fishmeal plant this summer.

The plant has been built since May 2018 and now the building is ready, the equipment is installed. In early April the company will commission the processing lines, and by July the plant is to be put into service.

The plant will process fish waste into fishmeal and fish oil for animal feed and aquaculture. The company says the demand for these products is very strong now. Along with Sakhalin-based farms the combine will deliver its fishmeal and oil to other regions of Russia such as Belgorod and Vologda.

The investment project is supported by the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation. Its total cost is estimated at 1.083 billion rubles, of which 271 million rubles will be the company’s own money and the remaining sum will be backed by the Corporation’s borrowed funds.

Along with the above, Yuzhno-Kurilsky Fish Plant has two more investment projects in process – construction of a salmon hatchery on Lake Lagunny with the annual capacity of 20 million fry and refurbishment of existing processing facilities. The latter implies purchase of a special fleet to harvest the raw fish and land for processing.

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