Saint Petersburg-based Northern Shipyard to build four more factory trawlers for NOREBO Group

January 25, 2019 14:46

Northern Shipyard (Severnaya Verf) from Saint Petersburg and one of the nation’s largest fishing companies NOREBO have agreed to build four more factory trawlers under the project No.1707001. Thus, the series of trawlers to be built for NOREBO has gone up to 10 vessels.

More specifically, Northern Shipyard has signed contracts for construction of four processing trawlers with AO AKROS, AO BLAF, OOO ROLIZ and AO Sakhalin Leasing Flot, which are part of NOREBO Group headed by Alexander Isakov. The contracted price of each vessel exceeds 4 billion RUR (53.3 million Euro). The trawlers are to be transferred to the customer from 2020 to 2023.

The project No.170701 is one of the most up-to-date projects of fishing vessels equipped with onboard factory for waste-free processing of seafood in open sea. The product range will include chilled fish fillets, fish mince, roe, liver and fishmeal.

According to Alexander Isakov, trawlers will conduct Alaska pollock and herring fisheries in the Far East Basin, in the Sea of Okhotsk and in the Bering Sea namely. Starting from 2017 NOREBO has been implementing a fleet renewal program. Only new vessels with state-of-the-art equipment onboard are capable of processing the catch in the best way and securing a high level of safety and comfortable conditions for the crew, the man said.

Construction of the series under the project No.170701 is backed by NOREBO’s own capital with financial support from Sberbank of Russia, which enables the group to make long-term investments into renewal of the fishing fleet.

General Director of Northern Shipyard Igor Ponomaryov says that the yard is strongly interested in long series of 6-10 vessels in order to optimize costs for design, construction and purchase of equipment.

Earlier, in 2017, Northern Shipyard signed agreements with NOREBO companies for construction of six factory trawlers under the above mentioned project for cod and haddock fishery in the North Basin of Russia. The project was worked out by naval architects from Icelandic company Nautic, which opened a branch in Saint Petersburg.

With the recent contract for four more trawlers the yard’s pack of orders for fishing vessels rose to 14 including ten for NOREBO Group, three longliners for Virma fishing co-op and one longliner/processor for OOO Globus. According to the Russian legislation, at least 30% of the cost of new fishing vessels should be paid for the services of domestic producers.

In the end of January 2019 Northern Shipyard started carving metal for the second trawler for NOREBO (the first trawler Kapitan Sokolov was laid down in the yard's slip on 23 November 2018).

Main specifications of project No.170701

  • Length – 81.6 meters
  • Width – 16 meters
  • Speed – 15 knots
  • Tonnage – 5500 metric tons
  • Main engine – 6.2 MW
  • Total daily capacity – 150 metric tons of fish
  • Daily freezing capacity – 100 tonnes of fish
  • Crew – 70-80 people
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