Russia's Fishermen, Importers and Processors joining Forces towards more Efficient Domestic Market

July 6, 2012 17:05

Russia's Vladivostok-based Pollock Catchers Association and Fish Union (based in Moscow and amalgamating one of two rival groups of seafood importers and processors) have joined forces towards formation of what was described as a modern and effectively functioning national fish market, reports

They have called for co-ordination of interests of the whole chain from catchers to retailers with the main task put forward as saturation of the market with high quality and safe seafood of Russian manufacture.

In 2011 Russia entered the five largest fishing nations in terms of catch while 10 years ago the country was not even among the ten leading fishing nations. Russia continues to improve the catch results but in order to put the whole industry (including processors, logistics and retail) into the gear of sustainable development it is necessary to establish a co-operation between business and the government.

According to the associations, the joint activities should focus on effective government policy for the fish industry, GDP growth, quality, safety and competitive ability of fish production.

Russia's accession to WTO will both increase competition and open up new opportunities for development. In this situation the parties will see to it that competition take civilized forms.

The other important goals include a boost to the capacity of the domestic market through promotion of consumption of fish and seafood among consumers as part of healthy diet within a proposed private and government partnership.

The statement also highlighted such tasks as technical regulation, national standard of voluntary certification, traceability and sector standards for upgrade of employee skills.

Besides, it is important to set up a state insurance system for risks arising in the interaction of fishing and processing companies. This would help increase the flow of investments into fishery, aquaculture, fish processing and modernization of capital assets. Administrative barriers will also be dealt with.

The above tasks will be solved in co-operation with the government, other sector associations, scientists and consumer societies.

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