Russian Sea-Fishing challenging targets of state scale

April 18, 2012 10:31

Russian fish business has a great potential for development. To use this potential it needs new fleet, new technologies, new approaches and new legislation. These issues actually lie in the sphere of activity of Russian Sea Group of Companies which has initiated a special interesting and promising project of state scale, reports with reference to CEO of Russian Sea-Fishing Vadim Gurinov.

Established in late 2011 the Group's daughter company Russian Sea-Fishing is targeted at consolidation of production of resources in Russia, mostly finfish and other aquatic resources.

According to Gurinov, the company's owners are planning to build a fishing holding No.1 in Russia, and maybe in the world, on the company's basis. At the same time, they do not think of becoming a monopolist, as the whole market is weakly consolidated now with 10% big players enjoying a market share of 29% and remaining 71% of the market taken by more than 1000 small companies.

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