Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance launched May 31th 2012

June 13, 2012 10:48

During the Brussels Seafood Expo on April 24th, the Russian Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) agreed the formation of the "Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance" (RSPA) to advance the development of Russian Pollock fisheries, reports www.megafishnet with reference to PCA.

The decision was taken in collaboration with the MSC Stakeholder Companies who have been supporting the MSC certification of Russian Pollock. This Alliance, the first ever of its kind in Russian fisheries, marks a move to firmly establish a body that will continue work on aspects of sustainable development in Russian Pollock.

The PCA is the client for the MSC certification of the Sea of Okhotsk and West Bering Sea Pollock fisheries and unites 46 fishing companies making up a total of over 76% of the Far East Russian Pollock quota in the Sea of Okhotsk and West Bering Sea.

The RSPA is the largest collaboration of sustainable fisheries development in Russia and in the Far East and signals a key milestone in the relationship with the MSC Stakeholder Companies.

"The PCA highly appreciates the support we have had from the MSC stakeholder supporting companies in presenting the benefits of certification, dealing with MSC processes, assisting with recruitment of advisors and matters on external communication. As we now progress our understanding of these areas we need to have an organizational model that can co-ordinate efforts to further evolve Russian Pollock fisheries", said PCA Chairman German Zverev.

The current members of the Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance includes leading brands, processors and buyers offish products from across the world including: Delmar, Fishinco, FrOsta, Gorton's, High Liner Foods, Iglo Foods Group, Pickenpack, Royal Greenland, Young's Group and the PCA.

Martin Glenn, CEO of Iglo Foods Group said: "The launch of this Alliance with the PCA and MSC Stakeholder Companies for Russian Pollock shows strong progress in understanding the global challenges of sustainable fisheries development and the demands of rigorous third party certification. We look forward to working with the Alliance to advance the process and congratulate the PCA members for embracing these principles with us."

Amongst the aims of the Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance are:

  • To develop further improvement measures and development tools that assist in making Russian Pollock fisheries more sustainable.
  • Further improve the transparency and understanding of Russian Pollock fisheries in the English language including the day to day management processes and fisheries information data that support their long term management. This will better inform the international sustainability stakeholder community and markets.
  • Co-ordinate RPSA efforts with a wide range of expert services that will input into the overall plans of the Alliance for Russian Pollock.

"High Liner Foods applauds the creation of the Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance as a positive sign that one of the largest fisheries in the world sees the importance of managing its resources in a sustainable manner as it strives to meet the stringent requirements of the Marine Stewardship Council's certification program", said Henry Demone, President & CEO of High Liner Foods.

The Alliance members will also work on the development and implementation of MSC Improvement Action Plans for the Russian Pollock fisheries.

Creation of an open source website that will house official Russian fisheries management data in English amongst other initiatives and is now at an advanced stage.

Judson Reis, Gorton's CEO said: "As America's leading seafood brand, Gorton's recognizes the value of preserving and sustaining our fisheries for current and future generations. We are committed to sustainable fishery management and transparency in information sharing about fisheries. The Russian Pollock Sustainability Alliance partnership between the PCA and other fishery improvement stakeholder companies, like Gorton's, is a positive step in this direction".

The Alliance will also bring in other supporting members as needed and this will include observers such as NGO's and technical consultants.


Please contact RPSA Secretary Mr. Aiexey Bugiak on emaii:

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