Russian importer Fly Fish expanding its importation range and domestic services

August 10, 2012 17:21

Russia's major importer Fly Fish Ltd with headquarters in Moscow has launched an online service enabling its customers to order not only the standard list range but also nearly any fish or shellfish product from Spain, Ecuador,  Chile, Argentina, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Peru, etc., reports with reference to the company's CEO Mikhail Vazhnenko.

Mr. Vazhnenko has explained that the company has dedicated technicians on payroll who will visit the supplier factories in order to inspect the goods for full compliance with quality requirements before shipment to Russia.

On the domestic market, Fly Fish has established own test lab in Vladivostok for quality control of the procured seafood. As a result, the production sourced from the Russian Far East is subjected to a full-cycle organoleptic test and the technician in charge will draw up the respective report.

This service makes it possible to distribute the products in the most efficient way between the segments of retail, processing, canning, etc.

Besides, the customer may be provided with a complete photo or video report of the inspection.

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