Russian Fishery Company will build a second fish processing plant in Murmansk together with the Agama Group

August 15, 2019 10:16

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and the Agama Group signed a cooperation agreement as part of the project to build the “Russian Haddock” onshore processing plant for cod and haddock in Murmansk. Construction is scheduled to begin in late August this year. Commissioning is scheduled for next year, 2020.

RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov and the Agama Group CEO Yuri Alasheev signed the agreement. In accordance with the document, the RFC share in the project will be 50.01%.

“Russian Haddock” will be the second plant that the companies will build together. Currently, the construction of the first plant, “Russian Cod”, is nearing completion in Murmansk.

“The agreement signed today with the Agama Group extends our cooperation, which has already proved its success. Together we produce premium quality Pollock products under the combined brand “Agama-Nordeco” and have almost completed the first partnership project in the field of coastal processing development, commented Fedor Kirsanov. - The “Russian Cod” plant will be commissioned in the coming weeks. The project is being implemented in accordance with all agreed parameters, and we are confident that the “Russian Haddock” factory will be also built on time and with high quality. "

The project “Russian Haddock” is being implemented in the frame of the state program of investment quotas. After the commissioning the enterprise will receive quotas for catching about a thousand tons of cod and haddock per year. The design capacity of the plant will be no less then 25 tons of finished products per day.

“The Agama group has serious experience in the production of frozen fish products, including in Murmansk,” said Yuri Alasheev. - Residents of the region, the whole country, as well as foreign buyers are already familiar with the high quality of cod and haddock products, which are produced at the company's existing facilities. Our partnership with RFC will expand the production of premium quality products and guarantee a high level of the joint projects implementation. "

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