Russian Fishery Company expands retail sales

July 19, 2019 14:22

The Russian Fisheries Company Alaska Pollock products under the Nordeco retail brand - fillets, mince and fish fingers - were received by the federal hypermarket chain «Lenta» and the «Redcaviar» retail chain (Moscow).

“We are taking the first but confident steps in the B2C market,” commented RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov. - RFC provides high quality products thanks to modern technologies for the production of single frozen products. The first buyers have already appreciated our product, I am sure that it will be in demand by Russian consumers. ”

Nordeco products are also available in the «Caviar and Fish» retail chain (St. Petersburg) and «SAMBERI» (Far East), where sales started this spring. Also, Russian federal and local retail chains and stores sell products under the joint RFC and the Agama Group brand - Agama-Nordeco. In this line is presented a portion of fillet of pollock and fillet of pollock in individual packaging. Like Nordeco products, the co-brand line is made from single-frozen Pollock without defrosting during processing.

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