Russian Fishery Company confirmed a high level of its products food safety

September 10, 2020 10:26

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has successfully passed certification for compliance of the food safety management system at the trawler "Ivan Kalinin" with the requirements of ISO 22 000. The certificate was issued by the head certification body RS Quality LLC in the certification system "Standart Garant".

The certificate confirms that in the production process only specialized equipment is used, the maintenance of which is carried out in time and in full, all the necessary sanitary and hygienic measures are taken - from preventing contamination of equipment to monitoring the hygiene and health of personnel. This guarantees the food safety of the products manufactured by the company.

“The audit carried out by the Sanitary Service of the Fisheries of the Far Eastern Basin at the trawler “Ivan Kalinin” confirmed the high level of work organization in the field of food safety management.  to certify this vessel for compliance with ISO 22000 requirements,” commented the LLC "Sanitary Service of Fisheries of the Far Eastern Basin expert-auditor Anton Bogdanov.

Two more vessels of the Russian Fishery Company have been certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000: "Mys Basargina" and "Geroi Shironincy". The high safety standard for products of other vessels is confirmed by certificates for compliance with the requirements of GOST R 51705.1. These vessels will also be certified for compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard. The company plans to certify according to this standard all new trawlers that are being built for it today.

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