Russian Crab Group makes first sale to EU market

May 27, 2021 09:06

Russian Crab Group of Companies (RC), a new major quota holder, has made its first shipment of crab products to the EU, reports

As per late May announcement, a container batch of cooked-and frozen Blue King Crab sections for a big premium seafood distributor 02 Arctic Crab has arrived in Spain. The total volume under the contract will amount to 32 tons.

«We work with raw materials directly from their origins, with products processed onboard to guarantee the best freshness and quality. Russian Crab brand products are of high quality, good infill and excellent taste», says Javier Villar Van Reybroeck, commercial director of 02 Arctic Crab quoted by RC.

02 Arctic Crab specializes in products of high gastronomic value, searching for premium seafood all over the world and then delivering it to restaurants and retail. The product from «Russian Crab» has become the first Russian Far East delicacy in the Spanish distributor’s catalogue.

Russian Crab produce is made according to HACCP standards. The crabber fleet is equipped for live crab and cooked frozen crab production. Live crab vessels store and deliver their catch in chilled treated and filtered seawater tanks. The temperature of seawater in tanks is kept constant and seawater is continuously aerated. Processor vessels process crab into cooked-and-frozen products immediately upon catching.

Now the Russian Crab Company is undergoing MSC certification. Complying to MSC standards will reaffirm the company’s responsibility in terms of environment protection and marine resources sustainability.


Russian Crab Group of Companies is the largest crab harvester in the Far East and one of the leading in Russia. Company’s fleet consists of 19 vessels. Annual quota for 2021 is 12.86 thousand tons in northwestern subzones of the Pacific Ocean (the largest share of quotas in the Russian Far East standing at 19%). Russian Crab Company exports live as well as cooked-and-frozen crab to China, South Korea, Japan, the USA and EU.

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