Russian Crab Company reports good results in the 1 Half

July 27, 2021 08:46

In the period from January to June of the current year, Russian Crab Company Group used 57% of the annual amount of crab quotas that it owned in 2021. The company’s harvest for the period is 7.4K tons of crab, according to the company’s mid-July release.

In the reporting period, quotas are used by 99-100% in the Western Bering Sea and Karaginskaya subzones, where the company harvests blue king crab, opilio crab and bairdi crab. In the Northern Sea of Okhotsk and Western Kamchatka subzones, the whole amount of red and blue king crabs owned by the company was used.

In terms of sales volume, Russian Crab Company Group is the leader among crab fishing companies of the Far Eastern Fishery Basin. The company’s share in the Russian general crab exports is over 13%.

Russian Crab has been strengthening its presence on the live and cooked and frozen products markets. Against the same period of the last year, the sales volume increased by 35%. The company retains the status of the leading Russian crab supplier to China and develops new markets. In the 1st half of the year, the first crab delivery to Spain was made, negotiations with importers of other countries are in progress.

Among the company's top-priority projects are the improvement of the finished product output technology. The high quality of cooked and frozen crab prepared on Russian Crab’s ships is recognized by customers and independent international inspections.

Building of the company’s new fleet continues under the investment program «quotas for keel». There are currently six keels laid on shipbuilding ways of Russian shipyards executing crab-catcher building orders for Russian Crab; control of design and engineering solutions is being carried out on the lead ship.

Russian Crab Company Group

Russian Crab Company Group is one of the leading crab-catching companies of Russia, the biggest in the Far East. Crab catching is carried out by the company’s own fleet consisting of 19 vessels. In 2021, the group has the rights to harvest 12.86 thousand tons of crab in sub-zones of the Northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, which is the biggest share of quotas in the Far Eastern Basin. Russian Crab exports products to China, South Korea, Japan, USA and EU.

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