RFC Group stakes on fillets and surimi in export markets development

January 23, 2021 20:53

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC), a major pollock harvester, is sharply reducing H/G output for the Chinese processors of double-frozen fillets while boosting its own production of FAS fillet blocks and surimi for export and the domestic market, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to RFC, by the end of 2021 the catch share sent for the fillet and surimi production should exceed 50% of the total harvest.

Meanwhile export markets for pollock fillet blocks are being actively developed.

In particular, the first contract for the supply of pollock fillets to China in the amount of 700 tons was signed in 2020 followed this year with a 1,000-ton deal. Besides, a further agreement for the export of 2.5 thousand tons of pollock fillets to China is being prepared.


Also in January 2021, the first 600-ton consignment of pollock fillets was contracted for the Japanese market. In 2022, RFC plans to supply at least 5,000 tons of fillets to the Asian region.

Domestic market

The group is also increasing its presence on the domestic fillets market. The sales began in 2020 with about 1000 tons but in 2021-2022 the deliveries are planned to go up to 5 thousand tons per year.


This year RFC is to begin surimi production with the target of 4-5 thousand tons in 2021 to be followed by a steep rise to about 20 thousand tons of this product in 2022.

Surimi will be produced by the onboard factories of the new supertrawlers. It is planned to build 11 such vessels, each designed to produce about 15 thousand tons of value-added products (fillets, mince and surimi). The total production of such items will grow as the vessels are put into operation.

The first vessel built in Turkey was delivered to RFC in 2020 and will start fishing during the unrolling pollock A-season.

This year, the company will receive the first two supertrawlers from the series being built at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The construction of the "Russian Pollock'' onshore plant and the supertrawler series in Russia became possible thanks to the state program of investment fishing quotas. The new facilities will allow the group to process up to 100% of the catch into products with added value.

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