RFC develops its presence in Chinese premium retail chains in cooperation with OCEAN GALA

May 5, 2021 00:09

Russian Fishery Company shipped the first batches of shatterpack fillets to Chang International (Qingdao) Inc., who’s brand of Ocean Gala is one of the top seafood brands in China. Chang Qingdao supplies RFC’s products to the highest end supermarket chain, Ole', as well as to Disneyland Shanghai, according to RFC.

“We are very excited to work with Russian Fishery Company to deliver affordable, wild whitefish fillet into this huge emerging market,” - said Mr. Jerry Chang, the owner of both Chang International Inc. & Chang International (Qingdao) Inc.

 “RFС looks forward to a fruitful long-term cooperation with Chang Qingdao, - said the first deputy general director of the RFC Saveliy Karpukhin. - We are confident that high-quality Pollock fillets produced by RFC are a promising seafood for premium retail chains and, in general, for the premium segment of the seafood market. "

Chang Qingdao plans to expand supplies of the RFC’s Pollock to high-end supermarket chains in China, and also to five-star hotel chains and fast foods restaurant chains.

 As part of the Earth Day celebration at Disneyland Shanghai, Chang Qingdao presented the RFC’s Pollock to visitors as an environmentally friendly product of sustainable fishing.

 “We are the only seafood company there to promote sustainable seafood, including MSC Pollock,” said Mr. Jerry Chang.

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