RFC completed the first season of the "clean coast" eco-marathon

October 22, 2020 11:59

On the coast of Shchitovaya Bay, volunteers held the final clean-up of the current season as part of the Clean Coast ecological marathon. The event was organized by the Russian Fisheries Company with the support of the Vladivostok City Administration.

This time, senior pupils and teachers of School No. 8 came out to clean the coast of the popular recreation area. For several hours of work over five cubic meters of garbage were removed from the coastal recreation area.

The RFC organized delivery to the place of work for the participants of the event and provided them with everything necessary for cleaning the territory. Garbage collection was also organized by the company.

“I am glad that throughout the whole project we have a caring youth with us. And every time there are more people who want to make the coast clean,” noted Viktor Litvinenko, RFC’s General Director. “We express our gratitude to each participant and want to appeal to all guests and residents of Primorye with a request to take care of the nature of our region”.

At the end of the day, a picnic and rewarding awaited all the participants of the event, where representatives of the RFC noted the most active participants, presented letters of thanks, and also told about their future plans.

Within the framework of the marathon, this event became the third and final one this season. From November, the events will be transformed into an educational format: in the near future, there will be competitions of children's drawings and environmental projects among students of the city's schools, environmental quests for youth and environmental lessons in educational institutions.

Within the framework of the Environmental Marathon, the RFC plans a set of measures aimed at protecting the environment and environmental education. By the beginning of the 2021 beach season, volunteer outbound raids will resume.

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