Pacific fishery Company to take delivery of new crabber-processor

January 31, 2021 23:22

Magadan-based Pacific Fishery Company (Tikhrybcom) is going to take delivery and put to sea trials its new ATKA crabber-processor. The ship has been built in Dalian, China, but kept in this port from sailing to Russia due to COVID-19 red tape, reports

According to the company, the design of the 5th generation multifunctional crab catcher is based on the North American project MN-0015 Supplier (Western Enterprise crabber-processor which has been operating for 20 years).

The vessel is capable of performing the tasks of setting and hauling crab pot lines in severe weather conditions in the north of the Sea of Okhotsk, having an extremely large autonomy and economic efficiency.

The vessel is named after the village of Atka, 200 km from Magadan, the length of the hull being 55.58 meters, the beam - 13 meters.

The sides are high as far as stability allows. The fishing deck is like a volleyball field; it accommodates up to 20 lines of Japanese crab pots or 15 American "suitcases".

The main engine is the Yanmar2000, a new Japanese version adapted to Russian diesel fuel. Two water jet bow thrusters on the sides give high maneuverability.

Efficiency in the management of the ship during the hauling and setting of the lines is also achieved by the protruding "ears" on the sides of the navigation bridge. Visually, the chief mate takes into view all the details of the fishing operation.

Powerful winch and cranes are of the Aurora brand.

The factory at Atka is a multi-functional universal crab complex for the production of export products. Four crab processing lines are located in the aft and midship areas of the crabber.

The first line does the crab brine freezing for the Japanese market, keeping the catch quality for a long time.

Air freezing provides the fastest possible processing of raw crabs from large hauls.

If the market requires raw crab, then the raw crab cutting line makes it possible to produce 30 tons of crab legs per day, following all processing technologies ordered by the customers.

Crab cooking is of an accelerated and fully automated type, eliminating the human factor and operator fatigue.

Atka is able to simultaneously work on Opilio, blue king, gold king and red king crabs.

The manufacture of finished products with added value immediately onboard is given great attention in the design of this flagship. Everything is done onboard. The crabs are caught and processed to be ready for putting on the supermarket shelf.

The project was created in the company independently, which will then form the basis for upgrading the crabber fleet of the Magadan region and probably of the entire Russian Far East.

Courtesy of Tikhrybcom

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