Northern Shipyard launched Captain Geller factory trawler for NOREBO

March 31, 2021 00:29

The first serial trawler processor Captain Geller of the project 170701 for fishery in the North Atlantic was launched on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at the Northern Shipyard in St. Petersburg, reports

According to the yard, after launching, the ship will continue to work on the formation of the hull, erection of large equipment and installation of pipelines. The ship was laid down in March 2019 and she is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2022.

The vessels of the project 170701 have a length of more than 80 m, a beam of 16 m and can reach a speed of 15 knots. They are designed for waste-free processing of fish in the open sea. At the fish factory installed on board, the crew can produce chilled fish fillets, mince, fishmeal, canned roe and liver.

The contract with a total value of 38.4 billion rubles provides for the construction of ten vessels of this project for the Russian North-West and Far East Fisheries. The project's lead trawler, the Captain Sokolov, was launched at the end of August 2020.

The vessel was ordered by Rybprominvest LLC, a member of the Norebo Group.

The particulars of the freezing trawler-processor of project 170701:

* Project developer – Nautic Rus"

* Maximum (overall) length-81.6 m

* Beam-16 m

* Speed – 15 knots

• Displacement-5500 tons

* Main engine power – 6.2 MW

* Total production capacity-150 tons of fish per day

* Freezing capacity – 100 tons of fish per day

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