Northern Sea Route can get a second chance from Maersk

June 20, 2019 16:58

The shipping company Maersk is considering the possibility of shipping cargoes through the Northern Sea Route (Northern Sea Route) this summer. According to the company's representative, Maersk is currently discussing cooperation with Russia’s Atomflot.

After the transit trip of the container ship Venta Maersk last year a representative of the shipping company said that Maersk did not think the Northern Sea Route to be a commercially viable alternative to other routes. However, the company's position has evidently changed, especially against the background of growing interest to this arctic transport route from its Chinese rival COSCO.

Taking into account that the demand for cargo shipment from the Far East to the west of Russia keeps on growing, it seems that the Northern Sea Route will get a second chance from Maersk.

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