May 5, 2014 09:22

Construction of HB Grandi’s new pelagic vessel at the Celiktrans yard in Turkey is progressing well. As we have reported before, the company contracted the Turkish yard, located near Istanbul, to build two new pelagic vessels and construction is scheduled to start shortly on blocks for the second vessel.

Part of the hull in the Hatsan Shipyard. Photo/HB Grandi: Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson

According to Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson, who is the marine superintendent supervising the two new builds, work started on the first pelagic vessel in November last year with the construction of the first of the forty block sections that make up the hull. The hull is made at the Hatsan Shipyard outside Istanbul and then tugged to Celiktrans to be completed there.

‘Around 90% of the sections for the first vessel, known so far as CS46, have been completed and ten of them have been put together so the hull is taking shape. The keel and the tanks are in place but the aft section is waiting for the arrival of the main engine in Turkey. There have been delays, first because the right gauge was needed and then because the main engine delivery was delayed. It was test run for first time at the Wärtsilä factory in Finland last weekend and I gather it takes ten days to bring it to Turkey by road. Assembly of the aft section has been delayed because of this, but we’re hopeful that we can claw back the lost time in the coming weeks and months,’ he said, commenting that within a month it should be possible to see the shape of the completed hull.

The new pelagic vessel measures 80.30 metres, has a 17 metre beam and is being fitted with a 4600kW main engine. The two vessels are sister ships of the new pelagic vessel being built at the same yard that will be going to Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja at the end of May or early June. According to the contract, HB Grandi’s first vessel is due to be delivered in February next year with the second vessel scheduled to follow in October.


Source: HB Grandi
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