New management team for Cermaq ASA

November 21, 2013 10:32


Following the sale of EWOS, Cermaq will transform into one company dedicated to salmonid farming. The recently announced change to a common name and identity, from Mainstream to Cermaq, is part of this transformation.  Another transformation is the establishment of a new corporate management team that will integrate the operational units and corporate staff functions closer together? According to Cermaq.

The organizational change will be done by bringing the Managing Directors of the country organizations in Chile, Norway and Canada into the management team, as well as to establish functional teams across the organization with representation from all regions and staff functions.

Effective today, the new management team in Cermaq will consist of:

Jon Hindar, Chief Executive Officer

Synne Homble, Chief Officer Legal and Corporate Functions

Tore Valderhaug, Chief Financial Officer

Geir Molvik, Chief Operating Officer Norway

Francisco Miranda Morales, Chief Operating Officer Chile

Fernando Villarroel, Chief Operating Officer Canada

 Also reporting directly to the CEO is Project Director Geir Sjaastad, who will continue as responsible for IT. In capacity of Chief Operational Officer Norway Geir Molvik will be new Managing Director of Cermaq Norway with effect from 2 December. Snorre Jonassen (current Managing Director) will take a new position as Region Manager for Nordland.

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