New large coldstore to help sell seafood to Russia and Europe bypassing China

March 22, 2021 00:15

The former governor of Primorye province (capital Vladivostok) and now President of "TIGER" Company Sergey Darkin has announced commissioning of a 12 thousand ton coldstore in Nakhodka to help with catch storage in a situation when COVID-19 restrictions from China have created a bottleneck for the Russian seafood exports to PRC, reports

According to Mr. Darkin quoted by PrimaMedia, today the supply of processed fish products is being completely reoriented by the Russians and fish fillets are shipped from Nakhodka directly to Europe by rail through St. Petersburg, bypassing the ports of Dalian and Busan, as was traditionally the case.

"We gave them a" small click on the nose” because they closed the acceptance of our fish. The most biologically valuable protein of the 21st century may not be available to them. Maybe because China has not yet appreciated the taste of sea fish. But in the next 10 years, this may be, to put it mildly, their miscalculation. Because it's a high-value biological protein, the best there is in the world, it will go somewhere else. First of all, to us in Russia, and what we do not consume will go to Europe and the United States, " said Sergey Darkin.

Regarding the Russian market, it is very important how much this fish will cost to the end user. Sergey Darkin noted that now his company is developing a large project related to reducing the number of intermediaries in the chain from the manufacturer to the supermarket.

Earlier it was reported that the "Russian Fish Company" co-owned by Mr. Darkin, is launching its own network of premium fish stores in Moscow.

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