New captain of major Pollock harvester NBAMR making first policy statements

September 17, 2011 14:32

There is a new General Director in Nakhodka BAMR, one of the biggest Russian fishing companies.  The company board decided of early termination of Peter Savchuk's authority and appointed Oleg Darkin as the new head of the company. 

No official statement has been released, and plenty of rumors were distributed at the market.  As far as our sources report, Peter Savchuk spent two weeks in a hospital, because of hypertonic.  After some break (he had no leave for some years) he plans to start a new project.  A rumor that Savchuk retirement could influence on Russian pollock MSC certification is not true either.  Our sources reconfirmed that the process is controlled by Pollock Catchers Association, not BAMR, and Savchuk personally at this stage had no more to do with it than most others PCA members.  It appears that shareholders have nothing to complain about Savchuk's leadership as the company economic results under his management were really very good.

Oleg Darkin, the new General Director, has worked as NBAMR first deputy General Director (i.e. second in command) for 3 last years, been responsible for fleet management and procurement.  He has had meetings with a number of people from different companies and confirmed that the company policy and approach to all aspects of business are not planned to change.  We'll live and see to what extent it is correct.  Oleg Darkin is a brother of Sergey Darkin, the Governor of Primorsky Krai, whose wife Larisa Belobrova is one of the major owners of BAMR through an investment company.

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