NBAMR CEO says Russia's second largest Quota Holder plans to renovate fleet

July 17, 2012 22:36

Oleg Darkin, General Director of the nation's second largest quota holder NBAMR based in Nakhodka in the Russian Far East, has given an interview to a local newspaper Nakhodkinsky Rabochy.  He explained the company position and outlined its plans for the future, reports

Last year the company increased catch by 9.8%.  Net profit increased 63% and reached RR 2.137 billion.  The company plans to increase catch this year as well,

In 2011 8.6 th.MT of APO blocks were produced.  Greater part of this volume was sold overseas.  Substantial part of the product was delivered to domestic market.  For example, 248 MT of fillet were sold there in 2010, 540 MT in 2011, and this year more than 1000 MT.  It really depends on the demand.  On the other hand, almost all threadfin hakeling (Laemonema longipes) and squid catch was delivered to Russia.

Some people say that BAMR is dying because there are just 16 trawlers while 10 years ago there were more than 100.  Nonsense.  There are quite enough vessels to cover the quota.  With due maintenance the ships will surely work till 2018.  Anyway, we have to think about fleet renovation even now.  In 2010-2011 NBAMR bought two vessels (Antares and Ardatov) to replace one Dmitry Pashchenko.  The company does continue looking for ships to catch squid and threadfin hakeling.  As soon as we find them we probably buy two more trawlers, said Darkin. 

We have got rid of some shore infrastructure including cold storage.  The reason we don't really need the facilities built for a 100-ship company, CEO went on to explain. The Government doesn't invest into berth maintenance (according to Russian Law, the waterfront belongs to the Government, and companies rent quays and berths), we can't keep them properly. 

Mr Darkin also answered a question on possible NBAMR purchase by Russian Sea Group.  The answer was short: who would sell a dynamically developing enterprise yielding good profits?

There was a shareholders's meeting recently.  They decided to continue CEO contract for another year.  They also decided to pay dividends RR 1.5 billion.  Some people say, that's a lot of money  but the company has no outstanding liabilities, covered all repair and maintenance, increased wages, paid RR1.2 billion taxes.  Net profit was over two billion.  Why not to pay good dividends? 

As for fishermen's wages, we increase them on a regular basis.  Average monthly wage of a specialist is RR120-150,000, second class sailor (the lowest position) ranges within RR40-60,000.  I believe, said Darkin, some newcomers might be unhappy.  In other companies they often received somewhat more, but evaded taxes, social security and pension benefits.  NBAMR is a white company, everything is legal here.

NBAMR recently started to change crews at Kamchatka.  It saves months of catching time, and more convenient for crew members.

The company refurbishes its vessels to increase recovery from pollock.  We collect milts and liver separately, install equipment for high grade fishoil production.

A new development direction is marine culture.  NBAMR plans to produce scallops, sea cucumber and seaweeds.  Now the company is going through routines to bid for sites at the auction organized by Primorsky Government.   

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