Murmansk Trawl Fleet continues computerization of production facilities

May 17, 2012 10:16

To continue computerization of its production facilities Murmansk Trawl Fleet plc has hired NPP SpetsTek (scientific and production company) which will introduce information system of vessel maintenance and repair management of MTF's affiliates, namely ZAO MTF-1, ZAO MTF-2, ZAO MTF-3 and ZAO MTF-4, reports with reference to b-port.

According to the contract, SpetsTekh will turnkey introduce the information system of vessels' maintenance and repair management, carry out diagnostic research directly onboard and in the customer's office and develop project documentation. It will also fill in the system's data base and directories of main onboard equipment for the vessels in question.

The thing is that MTF's fishing vessels are also floating factories processing catches onboard into frozen products, fishmeal and canned fish. Exploitation of such difficult object is accompanied with risks of equipment failure and belated delivery of spare parts, downtime due to vessel's technical unavailability and loss of fishing time, rise of maintenance and repair costs.

In this connection MTF plc conducts continuous monitoring of risks and takes preventive and corrective measures aimed at declining affects of those risks. One of such measures is the introduction of information system of vessel maintenance and repair management which should provide transparency of processes of technical exploitation and management of expenses associated with maintenance and supplies of materials and machinery.

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