Murmansk stevedores raising double profit in 2018

April 11, 2019 14:43

In 2018 Murmansk Marine Fish Port generated double profit year-on-year. The stevedore company’s EBITDA amounted to 60.42 million RUR or 61.32 million RUR more than in 2017, reports

The rise on 2015 (when the port was government-run for the last time) was huge indeed – 116 million RUR. Actually, three years ago the port suffered serious losses.

In 2018 the port’s proceeds amounted to 921.1 million RUR and in 2017 the company generated 687.8 million RUR, while in the “state” year of 2015 the proceeds were 701.8 million RUR. Tax disbursements also increased to 218.5 million RUR (+45% on 2017).

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