Murmansk Fish Port launching reefer container sites

February 20, 2021 15:40

In line with its strategy of developing infrastructure Murmansk Sea Fish Port prepared sites for storage of refrigerated containers, reports

According to the port, two sites have been prepared - for 100 and 60 refrigerated containers. The equipment needed to commission the sites has been purchased and installed, and one 1MW transformer substation has been installed for their power supply.

Last year, the port purchased a Kalmar DRU-450 reach-stacker – a loader with a lifting capacity of 45 metric tons to handle containers. The port’s fleet has also got a powerful tractor Terberg and rolltrailers, designed, among other things, to move such cargoes. And by late summer 2021 a multifunctional mobile crane SMM-1300 with a lifting capacity of 85MT will enter into service.

The sites will be placed in the port's southern cargo area for two reasons. First, there are convenient car entrances and an extensive railway network. Secondly, there is a 11,000m2 site ready to be converted for handling up to 800 containers subject to full load.

The port’s existing refrigeration terminal is able to hold 35 thousand tonnes of fish products at a time. This is the largest coldstorage capacity for all the ports of Russia’s Northwest. Ability to store refrigerated containers will further increase the port's coldstorage capacity. 

Along with catches from northern seas Murmansk Sea Fish Port has also got the experience of handling the Pacific fish. In 2015 a transport vessel owned by Dobroflot company delivered 3000 metric tons of salmon via the Northern Sea Route to Murmansk.

With the new container sites the port will be ready to handle any fish cargoes landed either in reefer containers or from freezing holds.

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