Murman Seafood to boost output of newly-built factory

June 25, 2021 00:48

Within the next year, a major fishing and processing company Murman Seafood LLC is going to take its newly-built fish processing complex in the city of Kola to full capacity of 20 thousand metric tons of raw material per year. A fish meal plant is another immediate objective for the business, reports

The fish processing complex in the city of Kola was built by the company in order to profit from the investment quota mechanism. According to Deputy General Director Denis Khizhnyakov, since the official opening in September 2020 and by the end of the year, the plant processed 1.1 thousand tons of raw material, while in the first 5 months of 2021 the figure reached 2.5 thousand tons. Of the total 1 thousand tons were provided by third-party inshore fishing enterprises, and 1.5 thousand tons by the company's own fleet. Currently the advanced technological equipment makes it possible to process 50-70 tons of fish per working shift. Mainly Atlantic and Pacific cod, haddock, as well as saury are processed.

The range of finished products includes about 100 items, mainly frozen and chilled fillets and mince. All products are intended for wholesale and retail outlets, as well as for further processing. The factory employs about 190 people, including 140 fish processors of different categories.

To sell products at affordable prices, the company is building its own store on the territory of the complex, the completion being scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.

In total, within the framework of the program "quotas for investment purposes", 9 projects for the construction of onshore fish processing factories are being implemented in the North Fisheries, with 8 of them already built.

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