Middle trawler laid down at Volga-based Nobel Brothers Shipyard

June 2, 2021 00:22

On May 25, 2021, a medium-tonnage fishing trawler of T40B project was laid at the Volga-based Nobel Brothers Shipyard, a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the yard, the vessel is intended for fishing by means of bottom or pelagic trawls and Danish seine. Another purpose includes raw catch transportation in RSW tanks to the port or its transfer to a mothership at sea.

The vessel is designed and built to the class KM ⍟ Ice3 Aut3 Fishing vessel according to the classification of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Its length is 44.15 meters, width-12.00 meters, height-5.15 meters. The vessel will operate in the Russian EEZ in the Far Eastern Fisheries.

The Nobel Brothers Shipyard is one of the leading and largest shipbuilding and ship repair companies on the Upper Volga. It performs a full range of construction, repair, re-equipment, modernization and maintenance of all types of vessels and floating structures with a dock weight of up to 2,700 tons, a deadweight of up to 6,500 tons, a length of up to 140 meters and a width of up to 17 meters.

The company says it has a unique experience in solving complex technological problems that arise in the process of construction and maintenance of the fleet.

For 113 years, the company has built about 600 vessels. At the moment, the Nobel Brothers Shipyard is also building two crabbers, which will be commissioned in 2022. Besides, 4 fishing trawlers of the T40B project will be built by 2023.

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