Metal cutting for the fifth Russian Fishery Company supertrawler started

January 19, 2021 15:27

Metal cutting for another supertrawler has started at Admiralty Shipyards for Russian Fishery Company.  The yard is buiding a series of 10 vessels in pairs, two vessels per year at intervals of about one year between pairs. The keel of the fifth supertrawler will be laid down on the staple this year, in 2023 the ship will be put into service. At present, the first pair of ships is on water, the second pair is being assembled on a staple, reports

According to the company, total investment in the Admiralty Shipyards series - more than 65 billion rubles. Building is being carried out under the State Programme of Investment Quotas (extra fishing quotas versus investment obligations).

Russian Fishery Company has already received the first supertrawler built outside the investment quota program.  The series of supertrawlers at Admiralty Shipyards is built based on experience gained with the first vessel construction and operating experience. With each new vessel  the technology is honed, the work pace increased.  The project is successfully developed by RFC together with shipbuilders overcoming all the difficulties inevitable for such a project.

Each supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company was designed to catch more than 60 thousand tons of fish annually. This is twice the performance of the ships that now make up the fleet of RFC and many other Russian companies operating in the Far East. The vessels will be equipped with an up-to-date factory capable of waste-free processing of all catches to value-added products, particularly pollock fillets and surimi. The factory capacity was more than doubled compared to analogues.

New ships will achieve the top level of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness currently available. This will ensure that CO2 emissions per ton of fish caught will be reduced by a factor of two compared to the ships currently at sea.

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