Massive newbuilding program for Magadan-based company in Turkey and Russia

December 1, 2020 10:00

Massive newbuilding program is underway for Pacific Fishery Company LLC with headquarters in Magadan while a land-based factory for Omega-3 products is also on the agenda, reports

The Pacific Fishery Company LLC (Tihrybkom for short, Magadan) and the Turkish shipyard Tersan have signed a contract for the construction of a large factory trawler with high processing capacity. The design was developed by the Norwegian naval architects Skipsteknisk AS.

This will be a stern factory trawler with a length of more than 90 meters, ice class ICE 3, speed more than 15 knots, crew up to 111 people with shower and bathroom in each cabin.

The vessel is designed for trawl fishery and processing of pollock, herring, Japanese pilchard and horse mackerel, including in conditions of broken ice, in the Pacific fisheries.

The production range will include fresh frozen fish, fillets, mince, frozen liver, pollock roe, fishmeal and fish oil with the daily processing capacity of 450 metric tons.

The vessel will fish in the Okhotsk and Bering seas for pollock and herring, and will possibly klondyke for salmon during the season in summer. The company also has plans to harvest saury, sardine and Japanese pilchard in the international waters.

Turkish shipyard is scheduled to deliver the trawler in about 3 years’ time.


Construction of a plant in Magadan for the production of dietary supplements omega-3 is also on the agenda though the pandemic slows down the start of this big project.

Raw material for omega-3 vitamin capsules will be supplied by the above trawler-processor to be built in Tersan, Turkey.


Meanwhile at Khabarovsk shipyard, Russia, two crabbers are being built for the company while in Dalian (China), multifunctional vessel Atka is almost ready and waiting for the improvement of the coronavirus epidemic and the opening of the borders for delivery to the owners.

Other Russian orders

Tersan shipyard located 60 kilometers from Istanbul also builds for other Russian companies. This year factory trawler "Vasily Limanov" for the Russian Fishery Company has been launched and is now nearing completion. Construction of factory trawler “Georgi Mescheryakov” is also coming to an end for the Kamchatka-based company Okeanrybflot.

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