August 11, 2011 15:46

Reference is made to the stock exchange notices dated 9 June 2011 and 16 June 2011 regarding compulsory acquisition of shareholdings in Marine Harvest ASA with a market value of up to NOK 500, reports with reference to the company.

Deadline for raising objections to the redemption price of NOK 6,1837 per share expired yesterday, 10 August 2011. No objections were received within the deadline from the shareholders that are forced to redeem their shares.

The redemption price will be disbursed on or about 19 August 2011. The redemption price will be transferred to the shareholders' dividend account registered in the VPS (the Norwegian Central Securities Depository). If no dividend account is registered in the VPS, the payment to shareholders living in Norway will be sent by bank transfer and by check to shareholders outside Norway. The shareholders will not be charged with any transaction costs in connection with the redemption.

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