Major Russian processor launched vegan salmon

May 13, 2021 00:42

Following the global trends in the food industry, AGAMA has launched vegan products introducing a new line of Green Fish from Agama Lab, reports

According to, the first experimental product in the line is an alternative "salmon". The plans also include vegan fish rillettes, as well as vegan tuna steaks. The products are made on an outsourced basis and fully meet the requirements of vegan and vegetarian consumers.

According to Konstantin Ababkov, chief technologist of Agama Group of Companies, the direction of plant alternatives is a new developing market, almost "food of the new century": "The idea was to create a high — quality alternative''fish ``. We wanted to make a delicious and bright product, because we believe that everyone has the right to eat delicious food. The demand for such products is growing among followers of a healthy lifestyle, physically active people, as well as vegans and vegetarians. The market of plant alternatives is just being formed in Russia. There are few producers on it, so we will be active participants in the new trend."

Already now the new product is available in some retail chains, as well as stores of vegan products in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Specs of Alternative salmon from Agama LAB:

• Protein product

* Alternative salmon is a great option for people who adhere to a vegetarian and vegan diet.

* Ingredients: seitan (oat flour, wheat protein), refined sunflower oil, soy beans, sweet chili sauce, vegetable salmon flavor, natural dye, nori seaweed, sea salt, paprika extract.

• The product is ready to use.

• Brand: AGAMA

• Manufacturer: Vega LLC"

• Country of manufacture: Russia

* 135 kcal, protein-17 g, fat-6 g, carbohydrates-3 g •

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