April 2, 2013 10:30

Mainstream Chile has sold the processing plant in Calbuco, Chile to Australis Seafoods for USD 11.7 million

The reported gain in the range of USD 7 million will be included in Cermaq's operating result at Group level for the first quarter 2013, but will not be included in the operational result for Mainstream Chile.

The sale takes place as a result of an efficiency improvements program in Mainstream Chile's processing activities following the acquisition of Cultivos Marinos Chiloé (CMC) in October 2012. The processing plant in Calbuco, in Region Los Lagos, has for several years been used by Mainstream Chile primarily in the peak season for trout and Coho salmon. Mainstream Chile expects over time to invest in one of the three remaining processing plants to ensure sufficient processing capacity in a more efficient manner.

The employees at the processing plant in Calbuco will be transferred to Australis Seafood with unchanged terms of employment.

- The sale of the processing plant in Calbuco is a part of the realisation of synergies following the acquisition of CMC. Australis plans furthermore to use the plant year round, and the sale will thus also be positive for the employment in the local community, says CEO Jon Hindar in a comment.

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