Magadan-based Pacific Fishery Company to build multi-purpose crabber

Dalian-based shipyard (China) has laid down the keel of a new fishing vessel Atka for Pacific Fishery Company (Tikhrybkom) with main office in Magadan, according to VARPE (Association of Russian Fishermen, Processors and Exporters).

The ship to be built will have the following specifications: length - 56 meters, gross tonnage - 1190 GT, main engine power - 1470kW. Her onboard freezing capacity is projected at up to 30 metric tons of crab legs per day, and her two refrigerated holds (-28 degrees C) will take up to 200 metric tons of frozen products.

Ca.8.3 million USD worth Atka will be highly cost-effective thanks to the use of engines, gear reducers and other traction elements made in Japan. En route she will use the main engine and for fishing operations – auxiliary engines thus saving greatly on fuel.

Atka project is a result of cooperation of Russian and Chinese naval architects. Concordance of all its details has taken as long as nine months. In the end the architects have produced a model which, when needed, can quickly switch either to whelks fishery or to receiving salmon, for example.

The ship’s main feature is that she will require no adjustments after delivery in order to comply with the rules of the Russian Shipping Register. Because from the very beginning she is being built in accordance with those rules and under surveillance of the Russian inspectors.

According to the schedule, the vessel is to be built by July 2019.

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