Leading whitefish harvester to add longliners to newbuilding program

July 26, 2021 09:37

The Norebo Group (Russia’s leading harvester and processor of whitefish) is planning to build four modern longline boats under the investment quotas scheme. The holding is also mulling more vessels to obtain extra pollock and herring investment quotas, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to Fishnews, In the eighth stage of the application campaign for investment quotas, the YAMSY enterprise (part of the Norebo Group) took part with four projects for the construction of longliners. The relevant interdepartmental commission approved the applications.

The new fleet will be built under the quotas for catching Pacific cod in the West Bering Sea and Chukchi zones as well as halibut and grenadier in the West Bering Sea zone. The applications of two more companies were also approved.  As a result, specific shares of the quota will be determined by the step-down auction scheduled for August 17.

Contracts for the construction of the modern longliners have already been concluded with the Northern Shipyard in St-Petersburg.

St. Petersburg shipbuilders are also cooperating with Norebo in creating a series of 81-meter factory trawlers for fishery in the Russian Far East and in the North Atlantic Fisheries.

In the case of the longliners, it is planned to turn to the services of the Nautic Rus naval architects again. New ideas regarding the organization of longline fishing will be implemented. "We will proceed from our experience as Norebo is actively engaged in longline fishing for cod and halibut in the Far East," Sergey Sennikov said. With the new vessels, it is planned to expand the fishing area.

The start of steel cutting for the first vessel is planned for December 2021. According to the schedule, this boat should be commissioned in May 2024. The last longliner should be delivered to the customer in August 2025.

Sergey Sennikov has noted that Norebo is interested in further construction of vessels under the quotas of pollock and herring. "We see the potential of investment quotas for the fishing fleet," he said, noting that the holding is developing such projects. At the same time, the representative of the company drew attention to the fact that before launching the second wave of investment quotas, it is important to improve the fulfilment of orders by domestic shipyards.

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