Leading processor announcing plans for big changes in production and distribution

November 29, 2020 09:44

TH BALTIC COAST, LLC, a leading processor head-quartered in St-Petersburg has announced it will be moving its main production facilities out of the city to its site in the surrounding province, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to the province’s government, apart from the transfer, at the site in the village of Peniki the company also plans to build its own distribution center to be completed in 2021. A further agenda includes constructing of surimi production unit in 2022 -2023.

The factory on Mineralnaya street in Saint Petersburg was the first plant of the company established in 2000. Here it started with production of salted herring, spiced sprat and smoked fish items. Later, automatic lines for packing marinated fish were erected at the site, seaweed production was launched and the range of salted products was expanded.

With the purchase of the Peniki village site in 2007, the range on Mineralnaya street was reduced. At the moment, the site produces spicy salted fish, including anchovies, salted herring and marinated items.

The company's office, production and storage facilities are still located in Saint Petersburg.

Trading House BALTIC COAST LLC is one of the largest Russian fish processors. The company's production and logistics capacities include: three production sites in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and the city of Vyazma in the Moscow region. The total production capacity is 91,200 metric tons per year. The company employs a workforce of about 900 people.

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