Leading pollock harvester to ship first surimi production to domestic market

April 24, 2021 13:34

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has sold the first surimi batches produced at sea from its pollock catch to the domestic buyers. Export is also on the agenda for the future, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to RFC, more than 300 tons of surimi produced onboard Vladimir Limanov newly-built supertrawler will be delivered to the customers in the second quarter of 2021.

"It is important for us that Russian buyers are first to get access to high-quality products from surimi," commented Savely Karpukhin, First Deputy General Director of the Russian Fishery Company. Surimi is produced directly at sea from pollock - a clean wild white fish. The finished product is frozen onboard within several hours after the catch is hauled to preserve its high quality and healthy nutritional properties, for which surimi is valued all over the world."

The contracts were signed with Russia-based subsidiary of the Vichunai Group (the world leader in the manufacture of surimi products), as well as with major value-added processors: Meridian (Moscow-based), Santa Bremor (Russian arm of Belarus-based processor) and KWEN (based in the Russian Far East).

The Russian market of surimi products is one of the seven leading global markets and is currently supplied from the countries of Southeast Asia. As of now surimi produced by RFC will contribute to improving food security and the development of the consumption of delicious and healthy food products among Russians. The company also plans to develop surimi's export sales.

The start of production of surimi by the Russian Fishery Company was made possible by the construction of a new fleet of modern supertrawlers and the delivery of the first such vessel Vladimir Limanov. During 2021, it is planned to produce 4-5 thousand tons of new product. The volumes will increase with the commissioning of the supertrawlers now under construction.

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